Essien Vitalis Biography – Age, Wiki, Country, State, Profile, Awards

Essien Vitalis was born on 15 November, 1989. He popularly known by his stage name Masco Infinity, Essien is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, producer, performer Comedian and dancer. He is a descent of Akwa Ibom State. He was born in Lagos State, Nigeria to the families of Essien Okon Phillip And Ekaite Christina, Masco Started His Musical Career In 1999 In City Music School In South Africa Where He Lean How To Play Multi Instruments Like Piano Guitar Drums.
Currently he sells not only locally both also entertains his fans both out side his State. He has his idol to be Flavor Nanbania and aspires to be like him in his career. His first Hit Single Figure 8 qand this brought him to Sport Light in August 2017. Essien has worked with some celebrities such as Sahara.
He has won various awards to himself among which is Best Artist  Of The Year In Face Of Culture Nigeria 2016.

Vitalis is on line and has various links on the social media such as, his email address is; others of his social media links are; 
Facebook Page – Masco Infinity Jokes
Intagram – Masco_Infinity_Music_Wourld
Youtube – Masco Infinity