Mpho Kanyane Criusel Maccaine Biography – Wiki, Age, Profile, Country, Occupation

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.Mpho Kanyane Criusel Maccaine was born on 11 October 1996 and raised in Mokopane ZA, South Africa. As a young boy, Criusel had dreams of being an International Tourist or Personal Assistant. Mpho began his journey into Hip Hop as a Mizzy Chana and home his lyrical skills at the age of 12. At 15, Criusel began exploring the art of emceeing. He is currently a Personal Assistant at Dubai Lifestyle App.
He would listen to the Hip Hop shows and memorize other MCs lyrics. He would then make parodies of the Acapella using his own lyrics. He would perform at seasons street, School’s functions and anywhere there was music and a Mic constantly free-styling with other rappers. At age 19, while attending somavugha high school in Mokopane, Limpopo Criusel was always called out to performs with Artists like Pizzy Bone, Crazy Cruz, V’nine and Many other Hip Hop legends. He is into anything that Hip Hop affiliates.
He has a mentor to be his Sister Virginia and aspires to be like Da Vince
Kanyane was made popular when he release original Music online in order to fulfill his dreams and be noticed everywhere that there is Hop On.
He has worked with several celebrities such as; Dj Hones, Oxydz Beatz, Anno Domin, Diabolic, Mark G, Dj epidemic and others.
His inspirational words are as follows; Been thrown low so much but he’s never given up. He knows times are hard sometimes and life isn’t always fair, but he’s still there to help others feel better.
He can be reached online via his email address with; and other social media on
and on Facebook:Criusel Maccaine 
and on  Instagram:@criusel_maccaine