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Jason Freeman Chizzy was born on 30 April, 1990, he hails from Anambra State, Eastern region of Nigeria. Chizzy multi-talented single father from south east Nigeria. Jason is an up coming screen writer, song writer, rapper and blogger, lost four teeth on 2014 Christmas eve in a ghastly auto crash.
Chizzy’s girlfriend abandoned him because he couldn’t afford treatment. Freeman, as folks may call him had his 10 year old Somadina outside wedlock in 2008 October by his late girl friend, Yetunde Amosun who died immediately after putting to bed. Chizzy has written many songs and stories, among them are: ‘Tell Me’ a freestyle song released in 2017, ‘Marijuana’ featuring Lepalifa x maxiboi, released in 2015, ‘Caught In The act’ featuring Maxiboy, released in 2014, ‘Rude Boy’ featuring Maxiboi x Lepalifa, released in 2015. 
Played the role of a young village professor in the movie ‘Trouble Maker. Chizzy has written stories that will soon hit screens: ‘Catalyst’ – a mind blowing suspense fill soap opera, ‘Boys Academy, ’18+, ‘Theresa and ‘Ugly Peace. He was recently endorsed by the ‘African Initiative Concept’ (African Shakers). Jason was raised by a single mother, at the age of 15 he left home and hit the street to discover his true potentials. He is a fast thinker with a creative mindset, kind and generous.
Chizzy is a guy of the people that has so many friends with few haters. He is the owner of a fast rising blog ‘THE STREET AND I https://jasonfreemanchizzy.blogspot.com.ng/
Can be contacted through; @chissyJason and bt email on; freeman_jason@yahoo.com
He has won for himself some awards among which is: Outstanding Personality 2017 by AIC