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About RHANGANI MUSIC Record Label


RHANGANI MUSIC Record Label is a South African music record Label which is owned and founded by music artist whose name is PRINCE RHANGANI  aka Vuvuzela. He also owns a clothing line named after his record label RM clothing. 

The Record Label produced big names and well-known artists the likes of BENNY MAYENGANI, JOE SHIRIMANI, and SYCOLOGY.

RHANGANI MUSIC was named after its owner’s surname.

Rhangani Music Is A Record Company Located In Pretoria Sunnyside 135 Celliers Street, 504 Cellieria. Pretoria, South Africa.

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Call 073 555 9820
For Bookings Or rhanganimusic@gmail.com.

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The Producer and Entrepreneur (PRINCE RHANGANI ) gear up his talent and business. Incorporated into a company, Beng Management, and Entertainment Group (pty) Ltd, which incorporated with Mabhendo Idea Café (pty) Ltd,