Irena Drezi Biography – Model

Irena Drezi selfie

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Irena Drezi is a Czech plus-size model but based in Ireland. Born in 1996, the beauty has a rare talent, she can speak six languages. From her story, she and her parents emigrated from Czech Republic to Ireland as refugees in the year 2000 when she was just a child.

Early Beginnings

They were lucky not to be sent back and as of then she can neither speak English nor understand. Her teenage years weren’t easy because she lost body confidence. She hardly comes out and had an eating disorder. This didn’t end there, in order to survive this is what she had to say;

I used to clean toilets in restaurants. I used to be a waitress. I used to scrub floors. I used to be a sale assistant in a retail shop. 

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Today Irena Drezi has accepted her body and have achieved a milestone in her career as a model.