Felisha Noel Biography – Age

Felisha Noel

Fashion designer Felisha Noel aka Fe Noel is an intelligent and amazing woman especially when it comes to her career. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and her parents are from Grenada. Her country of origin contributed a lot to her skills as she combines culture and glamour with sensuality.


Let’s start with how her career started. Felisha’s mother Sonia founded the daycare center and worked as an administrative assistant at a clothing manufacturer in the Garment District in Manhattan New York. She usually brings home stray fabric samples for Noel, then a young teenager, to play with since she loves this stuff from her childhood years. Later in 2006, she co-founded a streetwear boutique called “The Wagon in Crown Heights”. The name given to the brand “Fe Noel” was influenced by Noel brick and mortar boutique for vintage lovers and trendsetters in Brooklyn.

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Felisha Noel’s clothing and lifestyle women’s wear brand ‘Fe Noel’ has now appeared in Harlem’s Fashion Row, Vogue Italia, various music videos, and PROM Creative film “OLGA”. When she started newly, it was a physical shop but it was stressful, and paying the light bills and selling stuff wasn’t easy, the shop closed in December 2011. She then opened a web store, featuring a line called “Simply Intricate by Fe Noel.”  Today her brand has grown to be a massive and successful brand.

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