Rebekah Dawn Biography

Rebekah Dawn

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Rebekah Dawn Gituthu is an American Kenyan gospel artist born in 1984. You might wonder how she came to Kenya, well she was born in the United States but came to Kenya when she was only 2 years of age. Her grandparents first came to the east African country as missionaries many years ago while her dad met her mom when she came out on a mission trip to serve with my dad’s family. They got married and went back to the United States for Bible college and later came back to Kenya, since then they have been living there.

Her Dad was a pilot and her education, wasn’t all that smooth one, she was even homeschooled.  This is what she has to say;

I attended Rosslyn Academy for a few years of my primary education… the school we were going to was in the American system, and all of the kids in the church were in the British system, so when we would be on holiday they would be in school. So my parents just saw, down the road, we wouldn’t be able to establish many friendships, or really live life here, because of how it was at that time. So they pulled us out of the school and homeschooled us so that we could really be involved in our youth group. That’s how I grew up, just being super connected to church life and loving it… that’s where I learned how to speak Swahili because I hated missing out on the jokes.

When I graduated high school, I was 16 and I didn’t really have a ‘what I want to do with my life’ at that point. My desire from an early age was to get married and have babies, but since I was not married at the time and needed to do something I went to Hillsong College in Australia where I was a vocal major. My parents did not want to impose their own calling of being in Kenya as missionaries. They wanted us to make our own choices of what God wanted us to do, they sent us all out because Kenya for them was their calling and their choice, but they wanted to make sure we were following what God has called us to do. I did go to the States for my senior year in school, came back, and went to Australia but by that time I was very, very sure Kenya was where I needed to be as well. So I came back home and joined the staff at Nairobi Lighthouse Church in 2004/5. I have been serving ever since then, writing songs.

Rebekah Dawn has been in Kenya ever since then and has become a popular gospel artist in the country. One of the songs that shot her to fame was Kutembea Nawe even though she has produced several albums for church and written a lot of songs.