Lorraine Guyo Biography

Lorraine Guyo

Lorraine Guyo is a Zimbabwean actress, model, producer, and brand ambassador. Born on 23 February 1994, she became famous after she posted a video encouraging men to propose love to her ahead of Valentine’s Day in 2019. This made her known as the Ndinyengeiwo girl when the video went viral. Her video attracted many companies and brands who approached her and used her for their commercials. Some of them are fast-food chain Mambo’s, and financial institution Steward Bank.


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Let us look at her relationship life, Lorraine Guy started dating Thomas Chizhanje who was also her brand manager back in April 2019 but the relationship went haywire, as she accused him of spending her money.

Acting Career 

For her career as an actress, she landed a role as Candy in a movie titled The Bad Bishop. This was back in 2021 when she announced it in June.

Her social media accounts keep growing especially her Instagram account which has accumulated more than 350,000 followers.