Kelebogile Megano Biography – Age

Kelebogile Megano

Kelebogile Megano is a social media influencer, YouTube content creator, Deejay, and chef. She hails from Botswana and we will give some information about this charming lady. Born on July 16, 1999, she’s a woman of many talents and loves to get her hands on things she’s interested in.

In 2021, she had a near-death experience due to allergies and was rushed to the hospital. She was having trouble breathing because of a swollen throat. Luckily she survived at the hospital.

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She wrote: “Guys I legit almost died earlier. My Dr told me if I’d come an hour later than the time I got to the hospital I’d be head hun. My throat swelled up so hard that blocked my airway. I literally couldn’t breathe. I hate allergies but anyway happy spring I guess”. 

Kelebogile Megano is also an entrepreneur, she launched Caspian Vapes in November 2023. Her Instagram page has gained more than 200,000 followers.

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