Classic Dammie Biography – Age, Real Name, Net Worth

Classic Dammie

Classic Dammie is a social media influencer and entrepreneur. Her real name is Damilola but her surname remains unknown. From her name, we can deduce that she hails from Southwest Nigeria known as the Yoruba tribe.

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Classic Dammie has always kept information about her off the internet, and that’s why nobody knows much about her. As an entrepreneur, she’s the owner of CLD.NG, an online shop where she sells women’s wear. Dammie loves to travel around the world in different fashion outfits and won’t hesitate to share her journey with her followers.

Net Worth 

She lives a flamboyant lifestyle but we don’t know her actual net worth.

Social Media Accounts 

She has surpassed 150,000 followers on Instagram. Her TikTok account has amassed more than 250,000 followers.

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