Ron Buno wearing a face cap

Ron Buno Biography – Age

Ron Buno is a rapper, comedian and a promoter. Born on August 3, 2000, in the United States, the popular online star’s real name is Ron Suno. Many know him …

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Deyana Mounira smiling and showing her wonderful shape

Deyana Mounira Biography – Age

Deyana Mounira was born on August 16, 1990, in Lebanon. She’s an Instagram star who rose to fame through her Instagram account with over 370,000 followers. She was sued by …

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Shysohollywood on the street

Shysohollywood Biography – Age

Shysohollywood’s real name is Shania Walls and she was born on August 21, 1999, in Michigan. The pop singer is popularly known as a member of hit girl group WeRCharm. …

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Baddie Gi brings her tongue out

Baddie Gi Biography – Age

Baddie Gi whose real name is Rachel Wattley is an American glamour model. She was born on August 28, 1995 and is well known for her Instagram account with more than 400,000 …

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King Cid putting on glasses

King Cid Biography – Age

Born on August 26, 2000 King Cid is a famous Youtube celebrity known for making prank and challenge videos. He has gained more than 180,000 subscribers and his videos has been viewed …

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Teresa Topnotch looking so colourful

Teresa Topnotch Biography – Age, Real Name

Just like her name suggests Teresa Topnotch Celeste  is a top actress and comedian though haven’t spent much years in the entertainment world. She was born on August 6, 1991 in …

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