Kwetla Tersia Lesekane

Kwetla Tersia Lesekane Biography – Age

Sphalaphala Saga Marothi, whose real name is Kwetla Tersia Lesekane, is a South African award-winning content creator, professional TV presenter, actress, social media influencer, and Producer. Let’s get to know …

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Arrie Cakes Biography – Age

Arrie cakes is a South African artist, club host, and ambassador. She’s very popular in the social media world. She’s got the physique, curves, thick legs, and some tattoos to …

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Caren Simba

Caren Simba Biography – Age, Husband

We move to Tanzania to bring to you Esther Simba also known as Caren Simba. Born on March 28, 1999, in Arusha, She’s an actress, fashion model, and entrepreneur. If …

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Dasia Rayne

Dasia Rayne Bio – Age

Dasia Rayne is a popular podcaster and host. The hot and beautiful woman has made a name for herself in her career. She has performed in different places, but she’s …

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Chichi Yakubu

Chichi Yakubu Biography – Age, Husband

Chichi Yakubu is a Ghanaian entrepreneur, business consultant, and content creator. Many women these days are going into entrepreneurship, and this lady is not left out of this trend she’s …

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