Eco De Coque

Eco De Coque Biography – Age, Parents

Eco De Coque is a Nigerian famous guitarist and highlife musician. His real name is Chimezie E. Okoro and he is already famous to highlife music lovers. His name sounds …

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Nonye Udeogu

Nonye Udeogu Biography – Age

Nonye Udeogu is a Nigerian Award-winning content creator, blogger, style influencer, and fashion consultant. and visual storyteller. Her full name is Nonye Anne Udeogu and she was born in Lagos …

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Zabelo Hlabisa

Zabelo Hlabisa Biography – Age, Parents

Zabelo Hlabisa is a South African Multi-Award winning model who has made a mark for herself in the modeling world. Born on January 23, 1994, in Mpumalanga, she spent most …

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Murugi Munyi

Murugi Munyi Biography – Age, Tribe, Husband

Murugi Munyi is a Kenyan content creator, social media influencer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Born on March 2nd, 1990, she was popularly known as Yummy Mummy before changing her name. Her …

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Diana Luvanda

Diana Luvanda Biography – Age, Tribe

Diana Luvanda is a Kenyan actress, commercial model, content creator, and social media influencer.  Born on July 14, 2000, she has grown to become a household name in her country. …

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