Bogosi Sekhukhuni Biography

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Bogosi Sekhukhuni

Bogosi Sekhukhuni is a young South African artist who is chiefly concerned with notions of identity in a post-apartheid South Africa. In Bogosi’s work his medium is, in many regards, his message – as
the Internet and the plurality of self that the Web 2.0 enabled becomes a kind of metaphor for the
questioning, constructing and redefining of what being young in South Africa means, and can mean, today.

His aesthetic is strongly influenced by popular media, he is fascinated in the conceptual possibilities of teleportation and neuroscience, and is currently on residency in France. Growing up on Mxit and matriculating on Tumblr, Bogosi represents a new generation of young artists who’re defining their parameters based on their lived, or constructed, realities.

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