Babeth Lando in yoga pants

Babeth Lando Biography – Age

Babeth Lando is an actress, gospel singer and personal trainer. The woman of many talents who is of Congolese descent came to France at the age of 5. She was …

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Shantel Chanel

Shantel Chanel Biography

Who is Shantel Chanel? Shantel Chanel is a model and actress whose popularity came from Instagram. Shantel Chanel Biography Shantel Chanel is a beauty to behold, she’s got the shape, curves and glaring …

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Maddymorebucks Biography

Who is Maddymorebucks? Maddymorebucks is an American socialite and model. Maddymorebucks Biography Born on June 10, 1990, Maddymorebucks is an American socialite and model. The beautiful black lady who is of Haitian …

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