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Chris Auret

Chris Auret was born in the year 1987, He is Cape Town-based artist and visual
communication graduate. Before becoming a full-time artist, he worked as
an art director in the advertising industry.

On his website, he
describes an emergency stomach operation as the turning point to
deciding to become an artist full time. “It was during my time in
hospital that I decided to leave my “real” job and “risk” pouring my
creative energy into my own projects, thus starting a career as an
artist.” He’s been a full-time artist since 2012, and had his first solo
exhibition last year named You Have My Word. His “In Memory” mural of the late Cape Town rapper Bonzaya in  Woodstock is one of his most recognised pieces.

A South African Artist and Maker of Things (paintings, murals, photographs, films, writings, sounds and more), currently residing in Cape Town.

Chris Auret

Chris Auret make for himself first, and then others, with good intentions embedded in each brushstroke, film frame or sewn stitch.

He make to explore his own personal experiences. And Chris Auret make to explore himself in relation to others.

  His work aims to portray some sort of energy-filled capsule of a moment. An “object” still possessing life, simply because life went into it.

In this way the moment becomes a little more tangible than just a
memory. Chris Auret can look to his work as reminders of things worth celebrating or remembering. These things or thoughts can leave my subconscious
and work their way into my conscious mind simply with the process of
painting or creating the piece itself. When He paint, He explore with
colour and the vibration created by one against another. His body moves
fluid with each stroke. There is some sort of release and intake.

Chris Auret inspiration can range from portraits of people He’ve come into contact with or would like to come into contact with, to landscapes and animals He respect and admire, to a more surreal representation of personal realisations and the action of story-telling, not forgetting the abstract which arises when lost in the Making process.

Currently Chris Auret very interested in creating artworks in the public space, predominantly painting murals. Chris Auret interested in the public voice, what people want to talk about, what truths and frustrations exist and in possibly being a conduit for this voice. I’m interested in doing right to wrongs. He’s interested in how far He can take Himself and therefore other things. And this will continue to change.

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  He also love to make music and surf.

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