Jake Singer Biography

Jake Singer

 Jake Singer is a CRAFT and PORTRAIT man, He creates meaningful objects using everything normal people can term not useful eg.. straws, concrete and steel, plastic
sheeting, sticking tape ice and whole lots of them. And he uses photographs to preserve the artworks or monument them in case they Age and wear out. Jake singers style of art is influenced with the things he sees on the social media, streets of south Africa,News papers and magazines.

Poised precariously on the verge of chaos and order, Jake Singer’s work
often appears to have exploded into being. But behind this catastrophic
aftermath, Jake’s work derives from careful contemplation of the
relationship between history, the present day as well as speculations
about the future.

The cities and urban structures that are common motifs in his work
serve as metaphors of totems to permanence, order, structure and power.
Yet against these solid fixtures cracks develop and the once monumental
begins to crumble.

 Jake Singer Actively embracing a process of haphazard creation
and working with contrasting materials like concrete and steel, plastic
sheeting, sticking tape and ice, Jake probes the notion of permanence
and temporality.

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The ice melts, the paper tears, the plastic comes
unstuck. Deeply skeptical about power structures and entrenched systems of knowledge.

Jake Singer

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