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Katja Marr

Katja Marr is a fashion and portrait photographer  based in Cape Town, South Africa., She was born in the year 1995.

Katja picked up her first camera at age 13, a digital point-and-shoot, and first started taking pictures while wandering through an overgrown garden snapping photos of sunlight on leaves and rusted garden sheds. She has managed to keep that feel in her photos today.
Art has always been a passion for Katja which she uses in her photography, she says, “Artistic drawing taught me about perspective, detail and composition, which I then translate through a lens that has now practically become my eyes.”
Her work is aimed at representing subjects in a raw, natural way, which is why she often rely on natural light and prefer natural settings.
The old school Film is her way of going back to basics and learning photography as a craft. she prefer using film for its ability to mimic the eye in the most honest way, capturing colours and light unlike most digital cameras. Katja like the nostalgia film evokes and the way it compliments themes like lethargy, melancholy and general ‘deep moods’.
She like’s to capture true emotions, as well as be emotionally involved with my medium.”  
She names Kitty Gallannaugh, Mariam Sitchinava, Katie Eleanor and Hollie Fernando and the internet as influences.
Official website: http://www.katjamarr.com/

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Katja Marr