Islam Badurgov Biography – Awards, Country, Wiki, Profile

Islam Badurgov is a street workout athlete and calisthenics expert born and raised in Kazakhstan. He is professionally known for Calisthenic work, Athletics, and Fitness Model activities. Islam gained fame by posting workout videos of himself doing tricks and skills on the bar, alongside working out in the gym. Badurgov is also an entrepreneur who has a number of fitness and online businesses to his name.
He is about 5’9″ (175cm) tall and about 82kg in weight, hails from Kazakh. 
Islam’s passion for calisthenics and street workouts arose during his college days. Behind the college he attended, there were bars and other equipment for working out.

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Badurgov has not only transformed his physique through training. He’s also made reputation of his name in the online fitness community, fascinating people with his awesome tricks and skills on the ‘bar.

Unsurprisingly, one of Islam’s idols is Conor McGregor, a legendary MMA fighter, and boxer from Ireland. He admire Conor’s achievements, hoping that one day, he’ll be able to influence people just like his idol, Conor.

Looking into his awards and achievements; Calisthenics Athlete, Bar-Bars Team Founder, World Street Workout Championships Organizer, Founder and Co-founder of fitness Clubs in Kazakhstan.

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