Paige Danielle Biography – Age Country, Wiki, Profile

Paige Danielle was born on 19 March, 1995 in Louisiana. She is a makeup artist and hairdresser who posts beauty content to her aforementioned professions Paige is a famous American make-up artist, stylist, designer and a YouTube star known by her YouTube channel name Paigique. In this highly competitive world that comprises of numerous YouTube make-up artists, she has overcome all odds and stands as a successful stylist. 
She regularly updates her viewers on beauty and make-up related posts. In her videos, she demonstrates different looks for different occasions, and with the most diverse themes. This diversity in styling makes her widely popular among her YouTube followers. Being an avid ‘video-logger’, she v-logs her day-to-day life for viewers.
Danielle rise to stardom began with a simple video upload on January 2015. At age of 20, she started her journey to becoming a popular make-up artist among YouTube lovers, with her first video ‘Day 1 at Disney’ started off her road to fame and the rest, as they say, is history.
What makes Piage’s a make-up artist that stand out is the simplicity in her videos. From her products to her techniques, Paige touches the lives of her audience with her simplicity, thus making her videos easy for beginners to understand. She also covers a wide range of make-up and hair-styling related topics that apply to a common girl.