Omoding Moses Eniau Biography, Wiki, Country, Age, Occupation, Profile

Omoding Moses Eniau with a nickname as Mozeeh was born on 12 February, 1993 into the family of  Mr Simon Eniau and Mrs Ingeria Simon in Akwamor Village in Chelekura Sub-County, Agule County in Pallisa district Eastern region. Moses attended his primary school with Akwamor Primary school from 03 to 07 and was later transferred by his parents to St Francis Day and Boarding Primary School in Amusala Pallisa for two years that is 07 and 08 during his primary five.

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Omoding came to Akwamor for completion of his primary education in 2010. After which he joined Pallisa High School for his Secondary Education from 2011 to 2014, and later did his University from 2015-2016.
He came to spotlight for participated as a young local comedian, used to perform my comedies in the city of Kampala Uganda and some other small cities in the country of Uganda.
Currently working with as a clinic assistant for a research organisation known as Makerere University Walter Read Project.
His has mentor to be Shacrows. and has worked with several celebrities among whom are; Angelina Jolie, Naymaps Grey, Lareto.
He is online through his email address on;