Sanele Masilela Biography – Age, Occupation, Wedding, Country, Youngest Groom ever

youngest groom Sanele Masilela photo
Sanele Masilela was born in the year 2005 to a family in a village of Ximhungwe, South Africa, he got married to 66 years Mrs Helen Shabangu in July 2014 then he was 9 of age. 
Sanele Masilela a (school boy) and Shabangu Helen (mother of 5) got their knots tied in July 2014, a year after they shared and exchanged their vows. 

Sanele and Helen are both South African citizens who believed their ancestors have a place and value in their current living thus, said the purpose of their wedding was to obey and satisfy the instruction of their ancestors and that if they had not obeyed, the wrath of their ancestors may impose drastic consequences on their living.