Gibson Odoka Jr. Biography – Wiki, Age, Profile, Country, Occupation

Gibson Odoka Jr. born on 26 October, 1991. He is a Canadian business man, passionate in good personal development. Gibson is the CEO of a company aimed at helping to rebuild our society. He also involves in helping individuals to grow their own businesses and workers to be more effective, help students think of what they’ll offer the society rather than what the society will offer them.

Odoka is a core believer and promoter of personal development and economic empowerment. He also believe his traditional education system is having less impact in today’s world and information is not easily accessible by many youths in school.
Odoka enjoy listening, reading, and taking action. He has founded 3 companies in the last 4 years and been self employed. Has worked with different organizations in leadership positions such as; Microsoft, University of Saskatchewan, National Bank of Canada.
Gibson has enjoyed the privilege of being featured in multiple news medias and television interviews in different Canadian cities due to his professionalism.
He has his idol to be Jim John and has worked several celebrities among which are; John C Maxwell
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