Zuena Kirema Biography – Age, Tribe

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Zuena Kirema

Many people know Zuena Kirema Ssali as the wife of Bebe Cool, an African reggae and ragga musician from Uganda. Let’s get to know more about her. She’s a Ugandan businesswoman(entrepreneur), model, and former TV host. The beautiful light-skinned woman was born in Jinja District on April 3, 1987, some speculate she was born in 1984 since she contested in a beauty pageant in 2001 in which she was the youngest among the contestants and the minimum age is 18. You might wonder why she doesn’t look 100 percent African, it’s from her parents, her mother is of Arab origin, while her father is African.


Looking at her education side, it wasn’t rosy for Zuena. She had given birth after high school while attending an institute at Kasanga. It wasn’t easy for her and Bebe cool as the husband had to babysit while she attends lectures. From time to time the husband will call her to come out and breastfeed the baby, and Zuena would take permission to go and breastfeed her baby. This affected her husband’s career and business, and she had to drop out of school to give her husband the opportunity to focus, this is what she has to say about that; I don’t regret dropping out of school because am doing way better in life.

Modeling and Business Career 

Zuena participated in the Miss Bell contest that was held in Jinja. It wasn’t her idea to participate but her friends influenced her to contest and surprisingly she won. As a presenter, she worked as a TV host of the Life Stories program on NTV Uganda, but in 2015 exactly two years later she resigned. Today she’s the CEO of Zuena Events, a business that deals in decorations and cake baking.

Zuena Kirema bio

Zuena Kirema and her husband Bebe Cool have five children together, their names include;  Alpha Thierry Ssali, Beata Ssali, Deen Ozil, Caysan Ssali, and Eman Ssali. If you’re wondering why their surnames are Ssali, the reason is their father’s real name is Moses Ssali.  Bebe cool have an older son from another woman.

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