Tejiri Odjighoro Biography | Mtn Project fame

Tejiri Odjighoro
Tejiri Odjighoro The quintessential beauty and brain is a first class Electrical Electronics Engineering graduate of Afe Babalola University. She is from a unique family of 7; mostly professionals –Lawyer, Medical Doctor, Engineer etc who all love to sing.

Apart from music, Tejiri is also a passionate makeup artist, and hopes to have her own make up line in the near future. She started singing at seven, a result of listening to Westlife over a long period of time.

She looks up to musicians like Rihanna and Beyonce because she believes they are the definition of beauty, grace, and talent. Tejiri says she is romantic, loves dogs, flowers, chocolates, and walking on the beach with someone special in her life.

She does not belong to the ‘single & searching’ category.

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