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Esther Akoth

Akothee real/full name is Esther Akoth is a kenyan female artiste born and bread in the Lakeside city of
Kisumu, is listed as one of the wealthiest female celebrities in her
country kenya.

Akothee Education

Akothee got married at 14 and had to go back to school at 24 to
finish her studies. She finished her high school in 2004 when she was
already a mother of three and scored a mean grade of a C+. Unfortunately
she was kicked out of her first marriage since she was supposedly
boring, too hardheaded and unromantic.

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Akothee Business

During her hustling life and by her hard work and God’s grace she is
now a proud owner of over 15 vehicles comprising of two 27-seater buses,
mini-buses and 5 tour land cruiser vans.
She got involved in a lot of business pursuits that saw her setup a
slew of business interests as evidenced in Akotheesafaris a flourishing
Tours and Travel Company, Morning Star Diani, an establishment that
seeks to provide 5 star accommodations at 3 star rates and Akothe &
Properties a real estate venture.

Esther Akoth

Akothee Music

She comes from a musical family and the musical spirit resonates
quite strongly, and this has inevitably led her into the music scene
with emotive hits such as Nimechoka, Pashe and Katika. She brings into
the industry a distinctive refreshing African beat that we can all sing
along and dance to.
Akothee came back to Kenya determined to start her life afresh. That
is when she began her music career, which she says was her first
passion. Most of her music videos are trending on YouTube . She
maintains that music was her first passion.
Her music that features heavy kanungo beats are also ruling the
airwaves on local radio stations, besides a busy schedule of
performances outside Kenya.
The musician who singles out Yondo Sisters as her role model, can
dance soukous, into which she blends chakacha with a heavy dose of
twerking to guarantee an electrified audience.

Akothee Early life and Wealth

After running away from home, she went to live with her mother-in-law at Awendo in Migori County.
“I served as a house girl to my mum-in-law for seven years. I was
doing all the house chores at that tender age. All that time, my husband
was in school learning. He cleared high school and even joined campus
while I was still at his mum’s place,” she reveals.
She conceived and gave birth to her first born daughter at her parents-in-law’s houses.
Their relationship went sour and she was sent packing by her in-laws in 2000.

Wealthiest female musician this singer is alleged to be worth ksh 300 million.
While she has proved her capabilities in music , many have wondered
about her source of wealth. The video to her song Djele Djele set her
back ksh 1 million while her next Chengerere cost her ksh 4 million and
was shot in South Africa.
Akothe got married at 14 and stayed there for 10 years. The man she
married fell in love with another woman and kicked her without her three
children. She started out as a matatu driver on route 108 that ply the
Gachie before later moving to Mombasa. There she met a dutch man who
took her to Holland and did a dancing gig that paid her ksh 300,000.

Fast forward to six years letter when she met a
rich French man who was also an ambassador. This she says was her turn
around as the man sent her ksh 80 million to build a house. He also
recently gave her a Prado during her birthday.
Singer Akothee wants to cement her name in the list of high flying Kenyans by buying her own private jet.
For a while, Akothee has been hiring private choppers to facilitate her
movement around the country but now it seems she is tired of traveling
in someone else’s chopper. She was seen window shopping for planes and
word quickly started spreading she wanted to buy her own private jet.
Many may doubt whether she has the cash to buy a private jet but then
again Akothee has proved a couple of times she has the means to be a
little extravagant.


Akothee got her own money

After hitting the ground running with music, she invested in real
estate (Akothee Property) and expanded her transport business (Akothee
When she started working in the music industry, Akothee performed at
high-end private parties where she could pocket well over a million
She injected this cash into her businesses and further grew her property.

Having kids is Akothee hobby

When asked if she has closed the chapter of having more kids, she
quickly interjects: “Hapana! Kid number six is loading! Having many kids
is a hobby, and I wish I could fall pregnant again.”

She is Nominated Best Female East Africa AFRIMMA AWARD 2016.

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