Fabregas Biography | fabrice mbuyulu

 fabrice mbuyulu

Fabregas full name is fabrice mbuyulu was born on 13th of
august of 1987 in kinshasa where he spent all his childhood and teenage
years at,more precisely in the area of matete
his parents are both still alive and he is father of one children jay-z and married since 2012

has a big sense of humor which even influences the way he sings and
acts on stage and also known for being a quite calm and cool guy with a
laid back character

Music Career

Fabregas first musical influence are acts like  koffi olomide, reddy amisi,fabrice, wenge musica 4X4,franck lassan. His parents had a lot of cassettes
of artists of their generation and especially koffi .
 fabrice once said in an interview that he got
beaten by his parents because he went to a concert instead of
coming home directly from school.

fabrice like most of current professional artists started singing in church youth bands and sometimes at school. In
2001,he surprises one of his teachers and also his classmates with his
interpretation of adjani’s vocal in the song 13 ans and in the meantime
he starts following his elder brother christian in a street group called
rue de son with brothers nono and armand fudji,jules lelo aka eboa
lotin and so on but he was not singing yet as his parents did not want
him to sing in streets.

One day at their rehearsal,he sits a bit far
from them and start singing discretely and nono fudji who paid attention
makes him join them to finish and from then he slowly learns with them
2002/2003 when most of that group’s members are gone in big bands,he
now is one of the main singers and also does atalaku role trying to
imitate tutu caludji’s animation
nono fudji tries to bring him into
bcbg but fabrice is intimidated by the fact he has to be tested by alain
mpela at his home and does not show up as expected.


 He starts
playing for fun in several street groups of various areas of kinshasa
and he is spotted by dakumuda at a concert where one the groups he
rehearsed with played before dakumuda and laviniora esthetique come on
but since he then lacks stamina in singing as he loses his
voice after a couple of songs,he is then used as a back-up atalaku to
tangofor(who is now with fally)

Fabregas  RICHES

having struggled,fabrice is very determined to seize his opportunity 
and his leader werrason also certainly sees a lot of talent in him to
the extent that he is taken from home to start leaving with group’s chef
d’orchestre papy kakol,along with fellow new member of the group

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his nickname fabregas will then appear just from a joke from
heritier as he comes to a rehearsal with an arsenal shirt with name of
fabregas in the back
less than a year after his arrival in the group,
he has earned himself a good reputation with his improvisation and
funny stage antics
he participates to group album temps présent where he has two vocals aswell as maison mere zenith concert of 2008
year later he participates in malewa vol 1,and becomes a more important
member of the group as he is now a regular in group’s first team,having
a dominant role in the song diego music which is very successful
2010 he shines at  zenith concert and shows great improvement in terms
of dancing but after the tour, is tempted to remain in europe but  he
goes back with the group
one year after that,fabregas is of course on the list for werra’s participation at panafrican concert at stade de france .

times later,he participates on malewa suite et fin doing lead role on
the song mystère and participating in several songs with vocals
rehearses in  private with childhood friends mobé,ibrator,yasser
arafat…. to prepare songs should werra allow him to add a song in a
group album.

in the same year the group goes in europe again for a big
concert with their boss werrason and papa wemba but concert does not
happen because of combattants protesting.

 This is the debut of a very
long period without any congolese concert,and when the group is about
to go back fabregas is once again not very tempted to go back,this time
due to having met a girl he fell in love with and uncertainty to see her
again anytime soon after troublesome time in europe
he still goes
back to  kinshasa but starts  planning to leave the group and go back to
europe,he secretly retains his passport at home and starts doing a pre
record of several songs with his friends
few times after the group
coming back he goes back to europe on his own to continue project, he
then signs a contract with publicom studio and releases album amour
amour on valentines day of 2012 and at private level gets married and
gets belgian citizenship aswell.

 His album gets a good reception and
fabregas is seen as a promosing solo artist,few months after he comes
back to kinshasa to present his album
 in 2013,he becomes very close
to his idol koffi olomide and  signs a concert contract with koffi’s
label kofficentral and has a concert at grand hotel.

 His reputation
is growing well as a solo artist and one year later he will confirm even
more that he is one of the top solo artists from the new generation
fact in december 2014,almost out of nowhere, he releases maxi single
anapipo with the generique mascara going absolutely viral well helped by
intense promotion on social networks
he currently prepares his second solo album “ma vraie face”(my true face) which he plans to release by end of this year.

Instagram: fabregas_fab