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Serge Beynaud

Guy Serge Beynaud (born 1987) is an Ivoririan singer, songwriter and music producer, associated with styles such as Coupé-décalé.

Beynaud was born in Yopougon, Côte d’Ivoire. He was has described Beynaud as an “Ivorian sensation” and a “heavyweight act”.
In February 2015 he was #1 in the StarAfrica Top 10, with his song Fouinta Fouinte.

Serge Beynaud is born in Ivory Cost the 19th September 1987. He is an
hard-working student, industrious and brilliant, and brings happiness to
his parents. Serge Beynaud discovered music when he was seven. Out of
curiosity, the native of Yopougon tinkers on his father’s computer. He
is a very quick learner and composed.

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He doesn’t have the arrogance nor the farotage science of a Douk Saga,
legendary and missed founder of the coupe décalé. He doesn’t have the
violence nor is he deliberately provocative like some other players of
this movement.

He doesn’t cultivate the exuberance nor the excess of
sapologie. Serge Beynaud is all that but in a moderate way. He is timid,
but on stage he frees himself, he is even-tempered but his beats are
sharp. He is not a sapologue but becomes the arrangers’ mannequin. Serge
Beynaud is a mass of musical genius, a melody maker, a style creator,
he is the warmth in this cold world.

Serge Beynaud


  • Le mannequin des arrangeurs
  • Seul Dieu
  • Talehi

 Instagram: sergebeynaud_official
Facebook: serge

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