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Sina Rambo

Sina Rambo or Shina Rambo’s real/full name is Shina Adeleke, a Nigerian rapper signed to HKN record label including B Red, a record label owned by his cousin, Superstar Davido Adeleke.

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Born on July 23 in Atlanta, USA to the governor of Osun state Ademola Adeleke, Sina Rambo (Nigerian boy with a Yankee swag as he calls himself) lived in the US before relocating to Nigeria to pursue music in his music career. Shina is older than Bayo who is currently a hype man for Davido.
He was once a student of Lead City University, Ibadan where he studied Psychology.
Sina Rambo
In 2012, Davido signed Sina Rambo (Rambeezy) to his music label, HKN, which is being run by his older brother Adewale Adeleke. Many confuse his name with the Nigerian former bandit and armed robbery kingpin Shina Rambo, they are two different individuals and even two different generations.
Sina Rambo Wife 
His wife’s name is Heidi Korth but the marriage crashed around December 2022.  The reason for their marital problems according to the wife is violence and extortion of money from her.  They reconciled on April 2023 according to news reports, and they have a daughter together.
He has accumulated more than 350,000 followers on his Instagram page.