Tseliso Monaheng Biography

Tseliso Monaheng

Tseliso Monaheng is a writer, photographer and videographer. He was born
and raised in Lesotho, studied in Cape Town and is currently based in

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Tseliso Monaheng
is a writer. There’s no better way to describe him. He also happens to
hold a great deal of passion for music, art, culture and literature
coming out of the African continent and frequently writes on all of
these things.

Tseliso Monaheng started writting
professionally since 2007, Tseliso has contributed words to publications
such as The Mail & Guardian, Mahala, TrueAfrica, Africa is a Country
and many more over the years. His writing, always incisive and
engaging, weaves together a cultural zeitgeist of sorts, be it in the
form of a review, an opinion piece, a profile, or a simple blog post.
Certainly, he is one of the most prolific and insightful writers in the
realm of African arts and culture.

Tseliso Monaheng