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Frank Leonard

Frederick Leonard AKA Frank Leonard is Nollywood actor and model. He hail from Anambra State, eastern part of Nigeria. He rose to film in the nollywood sector because of his tall and handsome look.

Frank Leonard

Background and career

Frederick Leonard is from Anambra State, Nigeria, He obtained his first degree in  Biochemistry from Kaduna Polytechnic and he went into acting in 2001, but left temporarily to finish school and in the process, modeled for 7 years.He lost his father in the year 2000

Fred came back to Nollywood in 2008 and shot his first film “The Indian doctor” where he played a lead role. In 2009, he starred in “Disclosure”, a hit TV series which was aired on local TV stations and Africa Magic.

Frederick Leonard has been nominated for several awards and he has featured in movies like Deadly Plot, Stubborn Vengeance, Beautiful grave, Haunted love, Target, Accident and other movies too numerous to mention.

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Being in front of a camera is a piece of cake for tall and handsome
Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard. The interesting thing about
Frederick is that he neither drink nor smoke and his eclectic delivery
on screen definitely makes him one to watch.

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