Pastor T Biography

Ps Thembelani Nunge mostly known as “Pastor T” is a Pastor, radio
personality, actor, writer, aspired author, life coach, motivational
speaker and a growing businessman. He was born in a small town called
Peddie/Ngqushwa at Nompumelelo hospital  back in the year 1989 June
19th with his twin brother Thembile “Thembi” Nunge.

Pastor T grew up in a very poor family background under his late
grandmother’s guide while his biological parents went to look for job
in Port Elizabeth.In 2004 this young man moved to Port Elizabeth to
stay with his parents after completed his grade 9 school standard.At
Port Elizabeth he then furthered his high school grades.

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Despite the fact that he comes from a very poor family background this
young man never gave up,he always had high hopes that one day he will
make his patents proud.At his high school days he then discovered a
talent of acting,he acted plays at school and at a big city halls in
Port Elizabeth named Centenary/Nangoza Jebe and Opera House until his
last year at school doing grade 12.Then he took the acting carrier to
the community.

In 2010 as a young man who fears God he never stopped serving God ever
since and was anointed at his church as a Pastor.
Still even so his pastoral spirit never stopped him from being a
visionary and talented person,instead it boosted him more with rain of
blessings to receive more talents/gifts.
In 2012 he got married.
In 2013 he took his acting carrier to the next level by joining  a
casting agency called “HollywoodSA” for acting.On the other sad side
his marriage got bad and ended up with a divorce.
Then in 2014 while he was still licking his sore wound of divorce,he
lost his father in traumatic brutal murder,then because of the trauma
he putted his acting carrier at HollywoodSA to stop.
Later in 2014 the man of faith rose again and joined a Youth Theatre Project,
an initiative of the Eastern Cape branch of the
Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA) that was funded at Belgium.
In 2015 he joined a growing community radio station at his home town
Peddie/Ngqushwa called “Sunshine FM” as a programs manager,a producer
and a presenter,where he made his greatest achievement by taking the
radio station to the highest level by making a history winning an
award at Eastern Cape Music Awards(ECMAS) only on its 3months of
existence as the best community radio station in Eastern Cape.That was
the best moment of his life.
Again in 2016 while he was singing a song of seeing a success he
received a bad news that his elder long seen sister has passed
away.But this time he was strong enough to stand heavy rains and
thunder storms.He moved on.

Being the first and only male presenter to host a female affairs radio
 program in E.C made a big role to Eastern Cape men who were abusive
to their women,because the program’s theme was to put a STOP on
violence against women and children.That’s when he also started to be
a Motivational speaker and a Life coach because every women who
experienced the abusive life would come to him for council even though
he never went to school for that,but people saw him as the best at
giving advice about life.
Then  the experience of giving people an advice about life made him to
write an upcoming inspirational book called “Overcome your lifetime
challenges with Pastor T”.
On the other side the  program and his listeners also inspired him to
start writing a book called “Umfazi uthwel’injini” meaning a heavy
load that a woman is carrying.Then continuing writing  the other
unknown short stories such as “IBhayi lam”,the unknown comedy called
“UCharlie waseBhayi” and “AmaBhayinary” all inspired by Port Elizabeth
Not forgetting about his poor family background,he promised to write a
book called “Before the light” just when his successful.

Recently in 2017 Pastor T owns a Christian clothing brand Called “Alfa
and Omega” and he has joined a cast of Nelson Mandela Bay(NMB) short
films.And also he is engaged about to marry soon.

This Bio was submitted by Pastor T