Kamini Zantoko Biography Age, Profile, Country, Songs

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Kamini Zantoko was born on 8 December, 1979. Having a surname of Congolese origin which means “defense”.  He is a son of a doctor from Congo-Kinshasa. Kamini is a French rapper. He grew up in the French countryside in the small Picard village of Marly-Gomont, which inspired his hit single song of the same name.
After having received his Baccalaureat(Degree in Nursing), Kamini left his hometown to settle in Lille, where he worked as a psychiatric nurse, In 2006. Working with some friends, he wrote the song “Marly-Gomont”, which is a humorous recounting of the daily life in the rural French town and the difficulty of being a member of the only black family in the village. His music video, sent to numerous music industry giants on September 12, 2006, greatly amused the company employees. In that same year of 2006 his songs and music videos about rural French life became an Internet phenomenon. 
Zantoko also appeared on numerous prestigious French television programs, such as le Journal de Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Le Grand Journal de Canal+, Cauet, Laurent Ruquier, and Direct 8.
Because of his huge success and instant attachment amongst the French for his sound, dubbed the “rural rapper”, Kamini was financially able to quit his nursing jobs., focus on music career. He conceived the idea for, and co-wrote the comedy-drama film The African Doctor (Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont), which was released in 2016