Cactus Agony Biography | Zambia

Cactus Agony Biography

His musical aspirations began as a young child, singing in the Lechwe Primary school choir in Kitwe, learning to master the flute and even a spell on the glockenspiel! Growing up in an environment surrounded by many different genres of music, his natural love for performing plus the opportunities to give a voice to those who don’t have one led him to make the decision to make his career in music.

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After schooling in the UK, Cactus went on to attend Croydon College, in South London. In 1996, he met Igor Bozovic, and a South London hip-hop outfit called The Nappy Clinch Clan who introduced him to the art of writing, toasting and being an MC! Living in and around London’s African, Jamaican and other Third World communities gave Cactus a better understanding of who he was and what he represented. After finishing his UK studying, Cactus eventually returned to Zambia in 1999 and, in 2001, he became part of a Zambian-based hip-hop label called Cypher Music, home of Runnel, Bob Mabege, Red Linso, plus producers Jerry Fingaz and Inferno. Performing with many local bands and featuring on various hit collaborations resulted in Cactus’ official inclusion as part of the Zambian music scene. Under the guidance of Kula Music, Cactus released his debut album “Bush Territory” in 2008. A huge success, the album was also the platform that launched the singles “Waiting’ and “Body can’t Lie”, which both gained huge popularity, winning Video of the month and number one positions in the Zambian music charts.

His second album “African Dream” followed up this success with it’s own hits; ‘Love You’, ‘Give It To Me’ and ‘Love Boat’ all making number one singles. His third album “Chasing the Wind” is at the mix and mastering stage and should be released in May 2016. His songwriting with life experience, spiritual insight, deeper life philosophy and an insight into the power of love has earned him the alias “The Philosopher”. Cactus has co-written and performed songs for many cause-related campaigns such as Rhythm Of Life, Every Voice Counts, Brothers For Life and Against Child Marriage. As well as being a committed recording artist Cactus is also a relentless performer. Not only happy to perform on his own at any kind of venue or gig, he has always looked for opportunities to work with a diversity of artists across a variety of genres, both locally and internationally. The Cactus Agony has gained huge popularity over the last 10 years and his appearance on any Zambian stage will produce an overwhelming response from the crowd when they realise “The Philosopher” is about to perform!