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Fly G whose real/full name is Mbala Zambia  was born in 1991. He came from a humble background and a God fearing family that taught him to always love everyone regardless of their color, nationality, religion or sexuality. Faison  Fly G  is supposed to be a name for his private social media accounts. Then Fly G  is his stage name . So its due to hard of pronoucing his name Faison were most of his Teachers Individuals and colegues used to call me Flyson  that’s where Fly came from (Baibe) is just there to spice up like completeing the name (Fly G Baibe ) adding flavor to it and beside that he is a music producer and a graphics designer and a video grapher. 

Fly G started singing in 2007, then He mate his friend Kelly who he normally mation in most of the  songs,  ganged  and formed a group called Courage Entertainment where some few idividuals left leaving the with no choice but to remain calm and focus , they did a single together but due to school issues they went for a musical break and came back after completing our secondary school in 2011 , and did a (kajacket kanga) of wich they had a chance of sharing the stage with K’millian ,Danny Kaya  and many more ,even though most of my family Where not with the idea that i should be doing music.

He got inspired  like the passion and He became more serious and determined to start singing in 2010 when  (Macky 2 ) released a 2010 song dissing all the guys in the music industry ,leaving them with no choice and the battle between Macky and Slap got me like think He can even do this as well better, because it was easy and fun of what they were doing of which He was looking forward to see the winner, then the new guy was introduced to the scene ( Chef 187 ) of which He liked so much and some of my songs people think He sound like him of which is not true and thats how He moved to copperbelt He recorded a song called ‘ how i wish ‘ @ K Sounds studis in Kitwe  of which receive massive airplays but He did not pay much attetion because of work. but during the working hours He used to sneeck out were He mate Ba Yoka at Danger zone studios in Chingola  and told him to do a free style of which he did and he directed him to 1 Muntu and he did ‘So comfirtable ‘ ft Rob K which got a lot of attention among youths and friends of Sacred Heart Parish , He spoke the parish Priest Fr Kayombo Mokosayi and Fr Richard Chimfwembe  they motivated me a lot and gave me the idea how to do songs arcording to the way they saw me doing it.

His role model is God because of great things he does on my daily basis and  has always been me,my self  because of the way He have improved i never thought He can go this far moreover music keeps changing so He cant spot out the exactly Person,artist . Unfortunately He don’t have any album but, He am working on the first. He feel humbled that God has brought me this far and blessed me with the talent and a team that understands me. despite mistakes and other thigs. From, where He came from to date, my musical career has been tough. Being a person from Nakonde ( Muchinga Province ) were a lot of talent is hiden  and with no money to pay my way up He had to prove to a lot of people that He can do it. So it hasn’t been easy. He have done a lot of sacrifices , risks  and have been disappointed a thousand times, but that He just the way to go He can never give up because of the brighter future He see a head of me , and   interms of promoting music it was always hard.

Lack of finance is a major problem because in music for every move or anything you want to do, you have to pay. If not then you pay in kind, like its either you have something to offer for a service that you want. Sometimes your friends who are already connected will block you, if they feel you are a threat to them. some reletionships get broken and they start hatting talking to ladies becomes a problem , guys thinks you will snach every single girl you talk to and everyone expects you to live High life . and collaborating with big artists and recording to a big studio is always a problem they dont consider us underground thinking will just remain at the same level hehehe its a pity because levels and time always changes thats why most of the artist decide to open their own studio regardless the poor quality songs in order not just not to kill their talent but to keep them moving , this gives me a question as when and how are we goin to grown?.

He have shared a stage with so many Big artist and He have been gaining so much experience about how the zambian industry is, Well He can say He am not yet that big to a point were He have problems balancing my social life and my carrier. He see myself achieving a lot musically. He will work hard until the world hears my music. and sees in what He can offer intermes of music, graphics,videos and movies. He can’t say he is making a living out of music because he is still in the pushing and starting level. right now he can just say am investing in what he believe in so much hoping for in future He will be able to ripe what am sowing.

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