K Nine K9 Biograpgy | K9iNE | Zambian Artist

K Nine K9 whose real/full names are Kenan  Chansa Chisenga also known as K9iNE was born on 11th April in Livingstone, Zambia. He started his music  career in 2010 in his home town  Livingstone, recording his songs  in a friend’s bedroom studio  by the name of  James  Tonga.

After eight (8) months in the same year  James  introduced Him to Rodgers Kabwiku  popularly  known as Shaker  a producer who was from Digital X. Lusaka and had  come to Livingstone  for some family issues  and to help Livingstone music  production. He started producing   music under upper gates  studio  in Livingstone  and signed him.

In February, 2011 Knine first single ( Monga Mpepo)  was released  written by him  and produced by Shaker.  The song  featured Shaker on the  Chorus. It received  massive air play on radio stations, Pubs,  bars and it was  put in juke boxes. In April 2011, He decided to shoot a video for my song (Monga Mpepo) as it was my first single.

 In September, 2011 He wrote his second  song which was  gospel. The song was titled (Nikuli Imwe  Jehovah) featuring Tobby Zambiano from the Camouflage Band. It was produced under  upper gates studios by Shaker.

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In 2012 he decided to work with a different producer by the name of Shenky Shugah from  the Copperbelt. He produced my 3rd song titled prepaid written by me  featuring  his cousin Kapansa behind the hit song  (Driver) that featured  Dandy Crazy. The song was good and  what made it different from my previous  songs was  that it had some tonga in it coz the second  verse  was in tonga and the Chorus  by Kapansa  was in Nyanja and Bemba. It received air play on radio stations and bars. We decided to shoot a video  for  it in December, 2012.

K Nine K9 had an opportunity to go abroad in Namibia and perform in Katima. It was a great experience to say since now the exposure  was becoming Big.  In 2014 he decided to work with wave energy studios by Trixstar, Kabin  studios by Jerry.D and  Bishop in Lusaka.  At Kabin studios I decided to do a song with P. Jay (R.I.P.) since he had moved from Digital- X studios to Kabin where He had now started recording under. In October, 2014 He shot a video  for  (Niwe  weka) featuring  P-Jay  which we did.  We  shot  the video  in Livingstone and Lusaka. This was my 4th video  produced  by Bze  Broz again since  he had  believed in me and was  very  understanding. By November monthend same year the video was out and put on television. He started performing with late P-Jay and more projects were yet to come  out of us working together. Unfortunately mid December he was involved in an accident and was hospitalized due to  a broken  rib. On December, 20th   his condition worsened to spinal cord injuries