Rick Genest Biography – Age, Country, Profile, Movies

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Zombie Boy born Rick Genest was born on on 7 August, 1985 born in LaSalle, Quebec. He is a Canadian artist, actor, and fashion model, so called for the corpse tattoos covering the majority of his body. During his modelling career he has also promoted tattoo concealer. Before he had any tattoos, Zombie Boy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was on the waiting list for six months, where he contemplated his own life and possible death, before undergoing the surgery with minimal complications.
Leaving his house one day, he went for a walk and decided to live downtown, on rooftops and in dumpsters or under bridges. Hitchhiking became his main method of transportation. According to his video, he started living “an anarchistic lifestyle”. He claims to have already been introduced to punk rock, the punk scene and freak shows before his decision to tattoo himself.
Tattooed as a living skeleton, Zombie Boy also worked in various sideshows and freakshows across Canada as an illustrated man. Not long after beginning his facial tattoos, Genest was first introduced to the public on November 13, 2006 in a blog post by Shannon Larratt on BME’s ModBlog, which was followed in March 2008 by his first interview, by which time his iconic tattoos were largely completed. In this interview he clarified that he preferred the moniker “Zombie” to “Skullboy”, as BME had been referring to him. 
The introductions on RzyM’s Channel led to increasingly mainstream media coverage, notably a June 2008 feature in ‘Bizarre’ magazine. In the 2009 made for TV movie “Carny”, starring Lou Diamond Phillips as a small town sheriff, Zombie Boy was seen as a Tattooed Man at the Carnival. Following, he was again discovered by Marc Quinn, in Bromont, Quebec, where Rick was working with the sideshow, Alive on the Inside, at Carnivàle Lune Bleue during the Summer of 2010.
He was cast as the character “Foreman” in the box office flop film 47 Ronin, which was released in late 2013. The big-budget samurai fantasy-action film stars Keanu Reeves. Zombie Boy was heavily featured in the marketing for the film, appearing on posters and in trailers.