Wacar Wacar Biography | Oscar Mwansa | Zambian Artist

Wacar Wacar whose real/full name is Oscar Mwansa was born on 21st december 1990 in samfya district in Luapula province, is the sixth in the family of seven started school in 1998 at Chinsanka basic school where he did his one to nine (1-9) in 2006 he went to a boarding school where he developed interest in music.

While at school Wacar Wacar used to listen to old kalindula and old zambian music of the likes of Jk,Danny,Exile etc.in 2008 while doing his Grade 11 Wacar Wacar took his talent into the studio where he recorded his first ever song #Painkiller” it was the Painkiller song that bought his school fame and popularity. After completing his grade 12 in 2009 Wacar Wacar decided to get his talent to upper stage when he moved to Lusaka where he worked and recorded with #Golden Records and #Jerry Fingers unfortunately things did not turn out well because of lack of sponsorship and promotion issues.In 2012 he decided to go on a music break to raise funds to sponsor himself.In 2014 the anaconda talent in Wacar Wacar was unleashed he came back in the music industry when he moved to the Kopala Land and recorded Chinese Material at Fame Record that featured #Shenky the song received massive support on radio station and streets because of its controversy.

Its not too long in 2015 when Wacar Wacar took yet again another big artist on his song #Mo-Money the Foolish Me Chorus Singer and made a big record Mulyokela it was this song that lifted his name in the zambian music billboard. He is currently working with P-Storm Entertainment. According to Wacar Wacar he describe his music as an encouragement platform for the public figure.

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