Frantzcesca Casimir Biography – Age, Height, Diet Plans

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Frantzcesca Casimir, also known as Fancy is a fitness instructor who is originally from Brooklyn, NY but residing in Waynesboro PA. Growing up, Fancy never lacked self confidence because of her slim body and late puberty.

She was then inspired by crossfit competitors on TV and decided she wanted to be like them. Trying to improve on her looks, Fancy joined the Army. While in the military, she wasn’t interested in weight training and her diet was a mess.

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In May 2013, she began doing some research on crossfit competitions and decided to join a crossfit gym. There, she not only started doing the weight training but she also had to change her diet to get better results.

After several weeks of hard training, she was able to achieve the desired results and is also able to train other women who are interested in building a better body structure.