Maxx Chewning Biography – Age, Country, Wiki

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Maxx Chewning was born on 9 September, 1989. He is a social media and fitness celebrity who also owns his own clothing line apparel. He’s known for his videos where he shows his workouts, record lifts, as well as a full day of eating.
Maxx first started going to the gym at the age of 21. After he saw his size and strength transform – he became ‘addicted’ to fitness. He then started uploading videos of himself breaking his personal records in the gym; attracting a large number of followers as a result.
Over the years, Chewning started producing a wide variety of content for his viewers, such as dieting videos, and full workout programs. In turn, he attracted even more followers, and other opportunities to shine in the fitness industry.
Maxx weighs about 79.4kg and has height of about 177.5cm.