McMullen’s Harmony Talking Adult doll Biography

McMullen’s Harmony Talking Adult doll Biography

The new talking lifelike silicone sex doll is called McMullen’s Harmony, She was born in January 2018 and she hit stadium the same year.

Harmony is a result of three years experiments carried out by Matt McMullen. She is a real-life robot created to communicate and have sex with its owner.

In 1997, he launched Abyss Creations with the goal of selling his lifelike full-size dolls as art pieces. But when a flood of customers asked him to make the dolls anatomically correct for sexual purposes, he went with the flow. McMullen is also the founder of Abyss Creations which makes the RealDoll.

talking sex dolls

The creator of the sex dull is called Matt McMullen, he’s been making lifelike silicone sex dolls for 20 years.

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Harmony is anatomically correct sex doll with a patented animatronic talking head with programmable personality and memory and has the ability to have sensual conversations and telling naughty jokes. Her face is incredibly human, Her eyes move, her eyelids blink, her eyebrows rise, she can turn her head, dip her chin and change facial expressions, like during the dick penetration, and when the face motor and Bluetooth-powered speaker are in “chat” mode, she can talk up a blue streak.

Adult doll

 Harmony doesn’t operate independently, they are simply robots built to keep company and have sex.

The motive of the talking sex dull is to replace anyone or promote the objectification of women.

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