Proud Biography – Age, Wiki, Country, Family, Company

Proud was born on 10 January 1992. She is the least among the children of Mr. SZ and Mrs. Makamu. She was born and raised in Bushbuckridge Arthurstone, South Africa. Proud experienced some difficulties mostly in areas of finances while she was growing up. She studied Civil Engineering in Johannesburg. 

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She is a type that had no passion to work someone rather prefer to be an entrepreneur thus decided to register a company for a property business. This was motivated and encouraged by Mr. Dj Mokone, whom she took as her Role model, aspiration, an idol.
Proud came to spotlight after registering her company at a very tender age and was known well for her enthusiasm.

She is currently the Director of Macproud Properties PTY (Ltd). MACPROUD PROPERTIES PTY (ltd).

Proud has gotten some awards for herself among which are; Awarded a Ticket to attend a Business seminar, another is an Award by Leaderex Association with JSE-For Young Entrepreneurs.