Lesego Charlie Biography – Wiki, Occupation, Country, Profile

Lesego Charlie was born in the early 90s. She is a South African whose occupation is fitness bunny,  health  Promoter and wellness, she also assist women to take charge of their health and fit lifestyle with her fitness boot camp  #Bordiedbycharlie fit camp where she host her boot camp sessions at LC de Villiers Sports Centre in Hatfield Pretoria.
The impact that she wants to bring to the world of fitness is that ladies can still lift weights and not lose they’re sexy endowment. The general public is always afraid of women having to lift weights and look defined. She today lifts weights and she still has her sexy curves and there are no rough edges around her. So she wants women not to limit their fitness capabilities.
Lesego focus has always been on women because they really struggle to find what it is that can help them build tone or maintain their bodies. She says she had that struggle herself and her main goal is she just really want to help women feel comfortable with the same workout men do and do them way better than men if that makes sense. She just really wants women to celebrate fitness and promote a healthy lifestyle in a way that has never been celebrated or embraced before.
It doesn’t matter what weight the scale says you are if you’re putting in work at the gym and eating healthy, this lifestyle will reward you one way or another, you just have to be consistent and keep on pushing. Charlie says “I’m the way I am today because I never gave up on myself, even on my worst days when I would want to eat fried wings, I would remind myself where I come from and where I want to take my body”. “To be successful at anything, you don’t have to be different. You simply have to be what most people aren’t; consistent.”
She can be contacted online through here mail address on; m.mthimkhulu132@gmail.com and on her twitter link; @LesegoCharlie