Pascal Amanfo Biography – Movies, Wiki, Profile, Education, Country

Pascal Amanfo is a Nigerian film director, based primarily in the Ghana film industry. Amanfo is a native of Awomanma in Owerri, Imo State. His mother is from the Esan tribe of Edo State.Pascal is a practicing Christian. In 2015, he disclosed that he will be concentrating on living a life that pleased God. He was separated from his wife for some months before reconciling then getting a sponsor for his vow renewal.
Nollywood actress, Sharon Francis described Amanfo as a mentor, who deserve the praise for his tutorship in her quest for stardom. He has featured in several movies among which is Celebrity Marriage.
Pascal directed Single Six, starring Yvonne Okoro and John Dumelo. In 2013, He caused a cinematic stir in Nigeria and Ghana, when his film Boko Haram debut. The film was subsequently restricted by Ghanaian authorities and was a flop in Nigeria even though the title was changed to Nation under Siege. Amanfo released a trailer for Purple Rose (2014) that star Nse Ikpe Etim.