Nasma Hassan Nana Dollz Biography

Nasma Hassan Nana Dollz

Nasma Hassan popularly known as Nana Dollz is a Tanzanian actress, fashion model, and entrepreneur. She’s known by many for playing the role of Regina Lewa in Pazia, a TV series. If you’re a frequent Instagram user you might have come across her page where she posts beautiful pictures and short videos of herself promoting different products. You got it right, she’s a brand influencer, who wouldn’t be when she has gained more than 450,000 followers which keeps increasing day by day.

Nasma Hassan is beautiful and was involved in a scandal. She appeared as a video vixen for Alikiba (a Tanzanian singer and songwriter) in a music video titled Utu. They acted as lovers and this occurred in January 2022 but in February 2022, Alikiba’s wife Amina Khalef filed for a divorce. Many people accused Nasma of being the cause of the divorce but she debunked it. This is what she added to her statements;

How sure are you that woman asked for a divorce? Are you sure? The couple has not come to social media and told their fans they are splitting. They haven’t even said the video clip is the cause,” said Nasma Hassan. 

It was not hard to shoot it. I didn’t see anything bad about that scene, there are people doing cosier scenes than that one. You can never judge someone you don’t know. About 99 percent of people on social media don’t know celebrities’ real lives. I used to care but I don’t anymore.

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