Thandeka Qwabe Biography – Age

Thandeka Qwabe

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Thandeka Qwabe is a South African actress and farmer. Not many people are going into farming these days talk more of a woman and an actress who has already become a celebrity. This article will explore all you need to know about this woman.


Durban University of Technology
Drama diploma

Tshwane University of Technology


While in her final year at Tshwane University of Technology, she wrote to producers of Isibaya and The Queen, pleading with them to feature her in their shows. She was invited and that’s when her career was launched. Isibaya was terminated and her acting career came crashing in her eyes. After playing the role of Thandi in the show for three years, it was as if she was about to start her whole career afresh, go back to the long audition process, and wish to be accepted for another show. This is what she has to say;

“I’m grateful for my parents that they can always catch me when I fall. The conversation I had with them was that this was a big lesson and if anything should happen to them, who will catch me? That’s when I got a wake-up,” she said.

“I found myself not in a good space, where I was sad and depressed. I had to make the decision to move back home because being in Joburg didn’t make financial sense. “

After moving back home she decided to make a move for her other passion. When life hits you hard that could be a new beginning for you, Thandeka Qwabe was raised by her grandfather who had a herd size of 300 cows. Her farming interest came back, she kicked off her vegetable farm business and currently has more than 10 workers.

Social Media 

Thandeka Qwabe has gained more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

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