Klara van Wyk Biography

Klara van Wyk

Klara van Wyk is an actress, writer,Script Writing,Clowning,Stage Management,Creative Writer. He recently completed her
Masters Degree in Theatre making. she use the knowledge to write and
perform in my show “You Suck” which is currently on tour.

Klara van Wyk currently studying towards her PhD and would like to transfer her skills
to students at university and school level. She have recently received
funding to tour my production to schools as part of an anti-bullying

When it comes to performance, she’s amassed plenty of experience with an
undergrad at Witwatersrand, a masters at the University of Cape Town,
and is now in the throes of student life at Stellenbosch.

The focus of
her PhD is mastering a new form of clowning that’s less about buffoonery
and tricks and more about locating the vulnerability within oneself to
better connect with the audience.

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Klara van Wyk creative praxis is inspired by the
famous French theatre practitioner and clown Philippe Gaulier. He taps
into the vulnerability of clowning to tell narrative tales instead of
relying on the tricks and superficial gimmicks that typically come to
mind when you think of traditional clowns cavorting in a circus ring.

Klara van Wyk

Linkedin: klara van wyk

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