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Sonny is a Johannesburg-based British-born street artist who started
four years ago. He’s done murals in Woodstock, Braamfontein and
Transkei. Some of his most notable work is his mural of David
Ogilvy at
the Johannesburg Ogilvy offices, his majestic golden eagle outside a
building in Woodstock and his leaping leopard called “The Leap” outside a
building in Braamfontein.

He’s known for painting wild animals and
using bright colours to do so. In an interview with Times Live, he said
“I like to paint animals and see them break out of clouds with element
of light.” In another interview with 10and5 in
2014, he said he first started drawing with pencil, but felt the need
for colour. “I used to only do the odd pencil drawing and then got an
urge for colour so I just tried to figure it all out”.

His first solo
exhibition is due to took place 2015, with exhibitions of painted
sculptures and canvas pieces held in Cape Town, London and New York.

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