Abu Keyner Biography

Abu Keyner was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. He began his music journey from school as a child, and like most famous artists, he used to mime and write songs because he loved music, it was in school that the young shy boy found his voice and his passion. His environment became a great influence in his musical career as he was introduced to many people around his circle that taught him production and aslo more techniques in music. He started producing for big artists like klear kut, among others and currently producing for people like Flex d’paper among others.

On top of production, he has done his own singles that he released and they topped many charts in Uganda. When he started singing/rapping he also caught the performance bug. He started in school social events, and very quickly became a favourite amongst his peers. his’s hunger for the stage made him join other artists on a bigger stage and events which he always did good.
He went on to release more songs and working on his craft. It was during this time that he met with other budding artists like Unique, Apass and Flex D’Paper and made more moves in the industry and also shooting top videos.
He is currently working on his album as he quickly becomes a prominent feature at a lot of events on the entertainment industry’s social calendar.
Abu Keyner is a dynamic artist with proficiency in singing, song writing, “freestyle” rap and production)

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