Gentledove Comedian Biography

Dennis Nnamdi Shedrack better known by his stage name Gentledove (Araruyaah Boy), was born on 01 June 1996, to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Okorie. He is a descent of Ebonyi State. He grew up in Ebute-Metta (west), Lagos. He is a Nigerian Comedian and Actor. Gentledove started his Comedy career doing underground collaborations with comedians/producers such as Talkboy, Kingdavid, Laffmedicine, Microphone, Sirelisha and Finest Studio/Talkboy Entertainment Comedy. He signed a contract deal with Grafton Truedis in 2017, under the outfit; Gentledove became a protégé of Finest TV and Grafton Entertainment, which was the same label as Mr 2kay and Idahams.

He attended Amazing Grace Nursery and Primary School in Lagos and graduated in the year 2009 and then travelled down to Ebonyi State for his Secondary Education. In 2015 he graduated from Evangel International Secondary School and move back to Lagos.

Gentledove started his performing arts career as a Funny dancer and Dance drama Comedian in early 2012.
Though he started with funny dance/dance drama comedy that made people laugh.
In 2012, Gentledove discovered his skills in drumming, playing piano which he did for over 2 years after wards. During his days of being an instrumentalist for a church and a live band at that point, he also discovered his skills in music.
In 2016, he, his friends formed a group called Talkboy Entertainmnent Comedy. It had 8 members but some split before they could even release a comedy video.
Together, they did a couple of shows but couldn’t break through the comedy industry as their brand of comedy was not known. In the year 2017, they performed at a concert (Evening of traditional Jazz with Yvonne sax) his determination of being a comedian increased as his performance was an explosion so he decided to grab the Microphone fully as a standup comedian, and not just a funny dancer. He has done many comedy skits which is going viral online and spreading fast.
His 1st standup comedy was a disaster because the crowd got irritated and booed him off the stage. This also added increase that would have discouraged him when he went for Alibaba Sponteinity audition twice and failed, but he was determined. Later that year (2016), he came back after a series of research and made a difference in stand-up comedy. That was the beginning of Gentledove’s inception and acceptation into the world of standup comedy.
His professional standup act came into existence in the year 2017 and his big break came when he met Mr Fred Allison, A manager at Grafton Truedis Limited and also a partner of MTN comedy plus, Same in 2017, Gentledove got involved in events/programme management alongside his comedy acts. Ranging from churches and shows. He and his friends promoted and packaged shows that featured the likes of Kiddose, Sir Rex, Mc London and a host of other artists. It was during that period that he and his comedy group launch their First comedy CD.

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